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How It Works
Getting Started
Thank you for visiting our Advertising Page!

Welcome to Vegas Cloud.

You can find out information on how to advertise with us, including what Advertisement Rate Types and Advertisement Types are available on our site, Ad Creation and publishing plus details about making payments.
Advertising Campaign Concept
The main tool of an advertiser is their advertising campaign. Campaigns are created to organize the goods or services that the advertiser intends to promote.

Advertising has following purposes:

To influence the consumer to buy the product or service.
To add value to an existing brand by influencing consumers to perceive the brand in a certain way.
To inform the public about its business.
To attract new buyers and try to expand customer base.
To increase the sale of a particular product.
To compete in the niche market.
Advertisement Rate Types
CPD (cost-per-day)
When placing an advertisement based on a CPD rate plan, the advertiser will pay for each day their advertisement is active.

CPM (cost-per-impression)
When placing an advertisement based on a CPM rate plan, the advertiser will pay for each time their advertisement appears on the website.

CPC (cost-per-click)
When placing an advertisement based on CPC rate, the advertiser will pay for each single click on their advertisement that brings a visitor to their website.
Advertisement Types
All Advertisements consist of two basic components :
Promoted URL - This is a URL-address which takes users to your web page.
Display banner - This is descriptive material that helps users to identify your brand.

The Display banner can be Text-based, Flash-based or Image-based.
Ad Campaign Targeting
The targeting of advertising to a specific audience is a fundamental requirement for an effective ad campaign.
You can create an Ad Campaign which allows you to target certain audience by the following options:

You can choose to show your Ad to Males only, Females only or both.

You can choose whether or not your Ad appears to couples.

Membership Level
You can choose to show your Ad only to members of particular membership levels.

If the site is Multi-Language, you can choose to show your Ad only to members that speak certain languages.

You can set the Ad to appear only to members that live in certain countries. For example, if you have an Ad about halloween, you can configure to show only to persons living in the United States.
How to Book or Order Ads
To create an Ad, go to the Advertisement home page https://vegascloud.net/m/banner/home. Click on the Add Advertisement button that is shown.

After creating an Advertisement you will have to launch a campaign to publish the Ad on the site.

You can launch multiple campaigns for the same Ad.

To view all of your created Ads, visit https://vegascloud.net/m/banner/browse/my.

Click on the Ad Title of any Ad you want to publish and you will be taken to the Ad View Page

To launch a campaign, click on the "Launch Campaign" button shown on the Ad view page

Making Ad Payments
There are three methods via which you can pay for your Advertisement Campaign.

You can use your accumulated Points to pay for a Campaign.

You can use your accumulated Credits to pay for a Campaign.

Shopping Cart
The Shopping Cart is connected to PayPal payment gateway via which you can deposit money into your account. Currency is in US Dollars (USD).

PayPal - is the world's largest electronic payment processor.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
We have attempted to answer the most frequent queries in the description above. You can send us an email to admin@vegascloud.net should you have further enquiries or if you require urgent online adbooking assistance.